Bike Week 2024 (10th – 16th June)

June 10th 2024


Bike Week is an international event to raise awareness of all things cycling. And this year’s theme is #BikeHero.

Why do you cycle? Who has inspired you to get on your bike? Was it a family member, teacher, friend or even a celebrity?

Have you influenced someone to cycle, helped someone learn to ride or gain confidence on their bike? 

Let’s celebrate all your Bike Heroes or for being someone Bike Hero by sharing a picture on social media and using the hashtag #BikeHero. 

Bike Week is the perfect opportunity to take time to reflect on why you cycle!

Health and Fitness: Cycling is a great form of exercise, gets the body moving, builds stamina and improves muscle strength. 

Good for your Mental Health: Being active and moving is great at reducing stress and clearing your mind and cycling is no exception. 

Gets Yourself Outdoors: Being outdoors on your bike allows you to get fresh air, explore an area and see new environments and scenery.

Benefits to the Environment: Taking your bike instead of the car does your bit in having a positive impact on the environment and reduces your carbon footprint. 

Gets your Family Active: Being active yourself can have a positive influence on those around you. Going on a family bike ride is a great bonding activity and gets everyone out of the house and moving. 

Setting Personal Achievements: You can cycle just for fun, or if you are someone who likes setting goals, cycling can be a great activity for trying to get a new PB. 

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