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With more cars on the roads, car sharing schemes are becoming increasingly popular

Car sharing can help combat congestion, reduce stress of driving, and cut CO2 emissions, as well as saving you money. You can car share on most journeys, from commuting to one-off events.

There are a number of online car sharing schemes which help you to get in touch with others looking to share a journey by car, as a driver or as a passenger. To residents in St. Martins Green, we recommend which is the first and the largest car-sharing system provider in the UK.

Joining is free! Simply register your journey details, your usual travel patterns, and you can see if there is anyone you can share your journey with. You can then decide if you want to make contact via the website.

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FAO’s about Car Sharing

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Cost Calculator

To find out how much you can save each other by car sharing.

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Wheels to Work

Wheels 2 Work is a scheme established in the Tees Valley area to support those who are experiencing transportation barriers to accessing work or education. The Scheme allows those eligible to access Electric Bikes and Electric Motorcycles for a minimum of £21 a week for up to 6 months.

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