Travel on Foot

Walking is an easy way to stay healthy and even easier to fit into your lifestyle

You can walk almost anywhere, so by grabbing your shoes and heading out, you’ll see benefits including:

  • Improved health benefits – Just 30 minutes of walking a day can increase your heart and lung fitness.
  • A fitter body – Walking is a low impact exercise, good for your joints and alleviating joint pain, and even better for feeling fitter and improving muscles.
  • Reduced expenditure – Walking is free and reduces your spending on petrol.
  • New social opportunities – You don’t need to sit down to catch up with friends or family, try going for a walk with them instead.

There are a number of local amenities that are within approximate 30-minute walk from your new home and these include:

  • Kirklevington Primary School
  • The Crown Hotel
  • Kirklevington Village Hall
  • Conyers School
  • Healaugh Park (Retail)
  • ALDI Supermarket
  • Yarm Railway Station
Useful Links

Living Streets UK

Provides 20 tips for walking; also see the ‘Walk to school’ campaign to get the whole family involved.

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Let’s Go Tees Valley

Provides news on sustainable travel and the most up-to-date walking and cycling maps for the Tees Valley.

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The Hub

Runs a variety of walking and cycling activities throughout the Stockton area, including information, advice and resources for walking and cycling.

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Active 10 Challenge

Download the Active 10 walking tracker app. It shows you how much brisk walking you’re doing and offers tips on how you can do more.

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Walking Routes Around Kirklevington

Why not explore some of the local walking routes in your area

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Walking Groups

Stockton has a range of walking groups for people of all ages. Why not join a local group and meet new people whilst you explore Stockton.

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