Net Zero Week (1st – 7th July)

July 1st 2023

This week is Net Zero Week

What is Net Zero and why is it important?

Net Zero is about reducing a person / business/ home’s emissions to the lowest amount possible and offsetting the remaining emissions. In essence, creating a balance between the amount of emissions produced and the amount of emissions removed.

Net Zero Week is the UK’s National Awareness Week to highlight the issues of climate change and what we can do to reduce our carbon emissions.

What can you do?

Travel is a major contributor to our carbon emissions. Changing how we travel for just one journey a week can make a big difference to our carbon emissions produced.

There are a range of ways in which the way we travel can help reduce our carbon emissions. Why not ask yourself the following questions and see if you can find an alternative way of travelling?

1. Do I need to take my car for this journey (what other options are there)?

2. Is my destination within 30 minutes? Could I walk or cycle? – for more information Click Here. 

3. Could I take the bus or train for this journey? – for more information Click Here. 

4. Is someone travelling the same way? Could I lift share and reduce the amount of traffic on the road? – for more information Click Here. 

5. Is taking the car my only option, why not consider purchasing an electric car? – for more information Click Here. 

Calculate your Carbon Footprint: