April 18th 2024

ON YOUR FEET BRITAIN – 25th of April 

ON YOUR FEET BRITIAN is on the 25th April and is a national day designed to get people away from their desks and moving more!

The campaign focuses on getting workers to sign up and get involved in the #BigWiggle.

There is even a chance to get a £100 voucher to spend at Yo-Yo Desk (*t&C on the website)

Sign up here –


Whether you work at home, in the office, on your own or within a big team, there are benefits to getting up and moving throughout the working day including;

1.Boosting your mood 

2.Increasing productivity and concentration

3. Improving physical health


How Can I Move More?:

1.Opt for commuting using active travel

2.Stand during phone calls

3.Take a break and stand away from your screen every 30 – 60 minutes 

4.Use the stairs 

5.Have a standing or walking meeting 

6.Eat lunch away from your desk or go for a walk on your lunch break 

For more information on On Your Feet Britain visit the website here –