September 27th 2023

October is the month where students across the world get involved in walking and wheeling to school.

This event encourages students, parents and communities to engage in the benefits of walking and wheeling to school.

There are so many benefits to walking to school including:

1. Exercise before going to school can help kids with their concentration.

2. Walking reduces traffic congestion and improves safety around the school site.

3. Walking to school can teach children the life skills of road safety.

4. Helps improve air quality by reducing car emissions.

5. Finding people to walk with can help create a sense of community for both children and parents and support in developing social skills.

Living Streets have a number of resources to help :

1. Activity Booklet including a range of activities to keep kids entertained on their walks (such as scavenger hunts, eye spy and spotting wildlife)

Resource found here

2. Walking Activity Diary gets children to focus on their environment when walking to school

Resource found here