This year World Health Day celebrates its 75th Anniversary

April 7th 2023

World Health Day is on the 7th of April 2023 and celebrates how countries across the world promote health and well-being.

This year’s theme is ‘Health for All

World Health Day is a great time to reflect on how the quality of life has improved in terms of access to public health since the start of the World Health Organisation.

It is also an opportunity to look at ways we can move forward in tackling some of the health challenges faced today, including air quality, obesity and mental health.

Why not consider how you travel to work, school, shops or around your community and look at how you can change the way you travel, potentially improving not only your health but also the environment you live in?

Browse through this website to find information about cycling, walking, taking public transport or car sharing in your area or contact for assistance in planning your journeys.  

Watch the official World Health Day Video below