September 15th 2023

Friday the 22nd of September is World Car Free Day, a global event to encourage people to ditch their cars for the day and use alternative sustainable methods of transport.

The day is there to encourage people to think about how they currently travel and what other sustainable travel options are are available to them.

Ditching your car can have many benefits including;

Reducing your greenhouse gas emissions,

Improving your fitness by walking and cycling places and

Save you time and money on fuel, finding somewhere to park and being stuck in traffic.

Please explore the sustainable travel tab to find out about your sustainable travel options in your area.


How Can I Take Part?:

1. Leave the car at home -The most simple way to take part is to not use your car on the 22nd of September and try a different method of travel such as walking, taking the bus, or cycling for a journey.

2. If driving is your only option could you car share? (we recommend Lift Share – click here to find out more).

3. Encourage others to take part – Spreading the word and get your community involved in taking part in World Car Free Day can be a great way to support active and sustainable travel initiatives in your area.